Discussing Cross-Cultural Learning at MARE People and the Sea Conference

Nippon Foundation-University of Edinburgh Ocean Voices Fellow, Mariana Caldeira, attended the recent MARE Conference and presented their latest research on the importance of cross-cultural learning in ocean governance.

At the recent MARE Conference in Amsterdam, held between June 26th to June 30th, researchers and stakeholders came together and engaged in discussions about Blue Fear and interdisciplinary solutions for coastal and marine environments. Blue Fear refers to modern anxieties that are triggered by the ongoing, various marine crises communities face.

During the conference, I had the opportunity to present a study I am working on together with the Nippon Foundation-University of Edinburgh Ocean Voices Programme and researchers from ANCORS, Pathways Project and Blue Futures. The study is focusing on cross-cultural learning and the importance of reflexivity within ocean governance. The paper highlights the potential to amplify positive change in ocean governance by including diverse perspectives. By ensuring that there is space for different points of view, different ways of thinking, perceiving, and existing in the world, we can create innovative processes that lead to new, equitable ocean-solutions. This approach challenges our existing governance scenarios and encourages us to explore creative solutions based on diverse types of knowledge.  

Mariana MARE
Mariana Caldeira at MARE Conference, Amsterdam.
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