Our work

The Ocean Voices programme is dedicated to enabling equitable outcomes in the UN Ocean Decade. We are guided by the voices and experiences of ocean-dependent communities around the world.

The United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (UN Ocean Decade) launched in 2021 to galvanise global efforts to secure a future ocean that is accessible, healthy, productive, safe, sustainable and equitable by 2030.

To be successful, capacity constraints must be addressed. This requires platforms where the voices of ocean-dependent communities can be heard, and pathways and policies to enable equitable partnerships and meet needs in the UN Ocean Decade.

Our Ocean Voices programme aims to help meet these challenges, working in three main areas:

Actionable research and knowledge exchange

We explore the relationship between ocean science and sustainable development to identify barriers and enabling conditions for equitable outcomes:

  • Co-designed interdisciplinary research and tools
  • Strategy development
  • Ocean science diplomacy partnerships

Enabling environments for capacity development

We identify and deploy enabling measures to build capacity for ocean science to contribute to sustainable development:  

  • Fellowships and grants
  • Mentoring  
  • Professional development and training

Networking and communications

We create opportunities and toolkits to connect ocean scientists with local communities and diplomats:

  • Events
  • Networking
  • Support for science policy engagement