PhD Scholarship Opportunity: Towards equitable and sustainable ocean governance

The Nippon Foundation – University of Edinburgh Ocean Voices Programme is advertising two student-led PhD opportunities commencing in early 2024.

We are advertising two student-led PhD opportunities relating to the future of ocean governance, commencing in early 2024 at the University of Edinburgh. The successful candidates will be supported by scholarships (stipend and fees) through the Nippon Foundation – University of Edinburgh Ocean Voices Programme, and work under the guidance of Harriet Harden-Davies, James Harrison and/or Sian Henley (supervisory team to be determined with the candidate). The position is open to domestic and/or international candidates.  

These two PhD projects will investigate current processes and practices in ocean governance to explore challenges and propose evidence-based solutions. The overarching aim is to advance knowledge and understanding of how international ocean governance can be developed and implemented to achieve equitable and sustainable outcomes. 

The deadline for applications is 15 November.  

The advertisement can be viewed here